Why Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.49.03 amYou would think in this modern age that collectively, we would have woken up to what life skills are and would be aware how vital they will be for the survival of our race. Life skills arm us with an ability to have a peaceful personality, to use common sense and basic wisdom to solve problems, to peacefully resolve our differences, to be self-regulating and not controlled by emotional impulses and to make intelligent and informed choices.

Mastering the use of “essential life skills” is learning how to look within and effectively use a myriad of skills and abilities that lie within every person, mostly only partially used. Individually and collectively we would be much smarter and far less inclined to support anything that isn’t for the good of all and especially for our environment.

Life skills education is the key and internal skills casn be easily developed through fun and meaningful experience.  This way: trial and error remain the natural way we learn and we are not hampered with fear or negative beliefs that limit our ability to learn and grow within.

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Civilisation is defined to be: an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. Over recent decades we have achieved an advanced state in science and industry. However, when it comes to government and culture, we are still in the dark ages. 

Generally speaking,  we have poorly developed coping mechanisms, we are easily stressed and will take anything to find relief. We are also not learning how to peacefully resolve our differences, build healthty relationships and most people do not know how to be a good influence on children. Instead we adopt primitive, survival of the fittest strategies and cycles to deal with our issues. These will be passed on to future generations until we learn how to break destructive cycles.

Even when our personal safety, mental health and quality of life is increasingly under threat, we still collectively and blindly believe that the authorities will find the answers even when they introduce greater restrictions, increased discipline and more police or military. Have you ever heard of a politician saying that “we need to help people to better understand what makes them tick inside, so that we can together find smarter, more vibrant and peaceful ways to live”? They don’t say this because they don’t even know this can be done and if they did, they don’t know how to educate it.

All over the world people are trying and praying for peace and it isn’t working for a very good reason. Also, if authorities including: educators, politicians, psychologists and scientists had the answer to create safer homes, schools and communities, we would be enjoying them by now.  At Ghoghet, we cannot promise what people will do once they understand themselves and their true potential, although since people are naturally good, we are sure it will be a very exciting time for humanity.

It is often said that: “we need to look within” and many believe that meditation will do it. We encourage and introduce meditation, although it is only part of the answer. Understanding self and knowing how to use our internal skills and abilities equips us with what we need for safer and more peaceful living.

Currently people resort to violence and manipulation because they know no other way and are mostly controlled by their emotional impulses, especially when it’s supporting a religious belief or emotional connection to another person. We accept our failing moral compass as just a sign of the times.

For most people, understanding what’s going on within them can take a lifetime of unsettling trial and error experiences and endless searching. The initial inspiration for Ghoghet came through a series of dreams which was followed by a 26-year adventure to understand how a playful process of fun learning experiences was consistently having a profoundly positive influence on behaviour, attitude and cohesion.

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Thanks to Ghoghet, we are beginning to understand how each person can make a difference. We cannot under estimate the influence each person has on others in their daily lives.

As each Ghoghet experience helps participants understand how their feelings and emotions work, they become less confused, frustrated and unsettled. As people develop their emotional intelligence and begin effortlessly using it in life, we would be delighted to see the “three P’s” movement ripple around the world;

  1. Positive attitudes
  2. Pro-active mind-sets
  3. Peaceful personalities

It’s sending out a message that “I as a responsible community member now accept full responsibility for my thoughts and actions and will do whatever I can to ensure I live by the Three P’s”. With an increase in the popularity and application of the Three P’s, we believe the incidences of bullying, domestic violence and mental health issues will all significantly decrease.

Certainly, every person or group has much to gain from understanding how emotional intelligence is a natural by-product of mastering basic, but essential life skills. A quick Google search will reveal there is ample research to support the invaluable benefits of  Life skills Training and Emotional intelligence.

The Ghoghet experiential self-learning education system shows us:

  • How to remain calm and focused, especially when emotionally challenged
  • How natural intelligence or just common sense which is not commonly used
  • The brain is part of our whole person intelligence which we can learn to listen to
  • That most people only partially use their natural skills and abilities
  • We can either limit of free our self and it is no longer difficult to change what we believe
  • Any person can easily adopt a positive can-do attitude and live with a proactive mind-set

All of the above, not only help the individual, but they positively influence those around them. People of a. This makes Ghoghet a unique learning tool and a must for every home, school, team or workplace.

At Training programmes, you can also:

    • Develop an ability to master any subject or challenge quickly
    • Learn how to approach any task with clear intent and a “just do it” attitude
    • Learn to be more aware and discerning, which helps us to trust and to be trusted
    • Become more responsible, have a good influence on others and develop a peaceful personality
    • Learn how to keep the mind balanced and clear to see things for what they really are
    • Develop strength of character and the resilience to bounce back when we fall
    • Learn how to reprogram limiting beliefs and develop new behaviour patterns
    • Know what it takes to make any environment safe and vibrant.

For more internal skills and abilities!


It’s not about how smart you are, it about how you are smart!