Ghoghet a better future!

Use GhoGhet to lay a new foundation!

According to  Maslows hierarchy of needs, there are certain factors that are fundamental for human development. We have found that as an individual learns how to listen to, trust, respect and themselves, they move towards the apex of the pyramid and tend to quietly live with a positive and proactive mindest. This mindset can be easily introduced to families, schools, workplaces and to the community with Ghoghet.

Maslows Hierachy

Parents and teachers have always struggled to help their children develop the qualities that perpare and empower people with the abilities to calmly and confidently deal with life’s challenges. Until now, there has not been a structured way to knowingly develop essential life skills so the skills we develop are are mostly left to chance. Even then most people do not learn because they keep making the same mistakes.

This is how we naturally learn:

When we are a young child, we have a natural inclination to play and it’s with this playful mindset that we have an ability to absorb great amounts of information effortlessly.  Playing Ghoghet shows us that we  never lose this elasticity, although we do tend to forget when we are smothered with duties, responsibilities and too easily develop insecurities that build when essential life skills are lacking.

The rules and the helpful hints within Ghoghet, along with the specific activities combine to recreate an environment where people of all ages can enjoy the child like adventure of self discovery in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Laying the foundation ensure future health and well-being!

We all know that our children pick up most of their behaviours, attitudes and beliefs from mostly parents or gardians. Unfortunately most adults do not know enough about themsleves to be able to control how they think, feel and act, especially when it comes to emotionally charged times.  We are not taught how important it is to be responsible for what they pass on to children. they may not realise that children naturally absorb behaviours, attitudes and re mindsets without discernment.

In recent years, science has discovered that a disease may not be hereditary. It seems that what we think and believe programs our cells and our genes. Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton explains this in detail.
Through Ghoghet, anyone can easily learn to control how they we think, feel and act.


“Much like the human body inherently, without our conscious instruction, knows how to heal and maintain itself given the proper environment, Ghoghet seems somehow to have imbedded in it essential and hidden keys which unlock access to our own natural wisdom and higher selves.

I cannot say I understand the mechanics of it – but I can say I have witnessed it – in myself and in others as the game was played. Perhaps it is the ‘safe’ environment, perhaps it is the laughter, perhaps it is the sincere qualities of the participants that quickly emerge, perhaps it is the combination of these things – or perhaps there is something else. In any case there is a sense of lightness and joy, which ensues. For those bold enough and adventurous enough it’s a path to an authentic life” Lesha Martin U.S.A



Mindful Action in Business

“I can certainly see value to the people who want to open their minds and learn to reduce stress, learn to look at issues in a better frame of mind and learn to focus better. The workshop also helps I believe to overcome some of your own inhibitions and allows you to LET GO without fear of the consequences.” Ben Ryder, Director. Michael Johnson & Co Real Estate

Our programmes are a playful process of helkping people to understand what essential life skills are and learn how to use them in everyday life. As these skills are developed and enhance each other, they create an environment where the  back moral and professional foundation for your business is safe, strong, stable and has purpose. The more people know about themselves and understand how much they naturally have in common, the more likely they will responsibly connect with a united objective. Once they become mindful of their natural intelligence, then a culture of cooperation, creativity, innovation and high performance follows effortlessly.

You and your team can then intelligently design how you want your small business, club or entire corporation to work. Usingsing common sense to create a good for one, good for all culture promotes good mental health and high performance.

Mindful Action at Home

“My friends and our children all had a lot fun together with Ghoghet. We wanted to keep playing more and more. The game helped everyone come together in a safe environment and people cared for one another, said and did things that amazed us all. Great game!!” Thanks. Rob Versaci, Western Australia.

With mindful design, the family unit becomes like an incubator for happiness, well being and ultimately quality living. Living with mindful design is not a big shift, although it is a fun and important choice.


For Psychologists, Councillors and Chaplins

“Ghoghet activities sometimes jolt one out of a ‘comfort zone’. On one level I think this experience can give, or enable people to develop a ‘quiet assurance’. It is an understated feeling of confidence and strength, something steady and reliable. An almost innate sense of ‘I can manage this’ without thinking too much about it. The activities also help to illustrate how our intuition can be powerful if we just learn how to follow it.” Julianne, Psychologist


Mindful Action in Education

“This was the first time that I had seen my class working cooperatively. The results of  using Ghoghet with my class have been amazing and I feel the results will improve if we continue to use it. I now have total faith in Ghoghet and feel any class who plays it will benefit from it” Emma Guy, Kewdale Primary School

“One cannot begin to express the gratitude, or debt the students in the Faculty of Agriculture owe for your recent efforts in introducing us to GhoGhet. I would personally like to attest to the myriad of benefits of the GhoGhet program. Even University staff have noticed an increased participation rate in Faculty and Student affairs by those who attended the program.Sean Poole, Student President, University of Western Australia

Mindful Action by Senior Citizens

“For two days, nine of us, aged from 13 to 85 years shared the GhoGhet activities of self discovery, filled with joy and laughter. I was blown away by the caliber of these activities, so simple and such fun, but profound in what they revealed in us all – a hidden intelligence, heart based thinking and feeling skills, intuitive abilities reawakened and a new sense of self belief. We had a ball!!! Gail Tait, Australia