Smart Community Living


Smart Community Projects for a better future!

This project offers members of any community a fun way to come together and participate in creating a safer and more vibrant community that has common sense and common decency as it’s foundation. Wouldn’t it be great to visit the local park and feel safe to say hi to even perfect strangers? To “feel” like part of a community without fear of rejection, judgment or concerns for your safety. A place where your very presence contributes to the building of a better community. This can be our future.

By creating fun and practical opportunities for every person to better understand what makes them tick inside, we are laying a solid foundation on which we can all live. The Smart Play Olympics aims to nurture new and proactive mindsets and inspire positive beliefs by giving people of all ages the opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other. In doing so, they can develop the essential skills and abilities required for cohesive living.

GhoGhet is showing that by laying strong foundations, we are taking a number of playful steps that help people to master a range of “basic life skills”. These skills appear to be simple, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Individually they help us in life and collectively they can have a profound influence on how we see and understand ourselves.

Once the foundation for smarter living is laid, we can then intelligently begin to prepare ourselves and our living, learning, and recreation environments for a very exciting and peaceful future.

Mindful Action will come to a community once:

  • Consistency in life skills education that links home and school is established
  • A pro-active, preventative approach to avoiding Mental Health issues is established
  • We create a community that inspires and incubates creative innovation
  • Everyone adopts a good for one, good for all mindset
  • Common sense, common decency, and a responsible can-do attitude become common practice.

Because collectively we have developed reactive mindsets, in one way or another every one of us is being effected by increasing incidences of domestic violence, physical and mental health issues, relationship failures and dysfunctional behaviours. This destructive cycle can now be broken.

Breaking cycles: most of us, especially our young are products of our environment as we naturally absorb attitudes, beliefs and mindsets from those close to us.  So this project encourages all people to be aware and responsible with what they pass on to children. The practice of developing consistency in life skills education between the family and the classroom will eventually have everyone is on the same page. 


The best teams will have a mix of ages, experience and cultures, as a diverse range of skills and abilities will be required. With patience and persistence, participants will together learn how to master each challenge through a trial and error. As their awareness increases, so will their effectiveness and their successes. The Challenge will:

  • Get people thinking outside the box, be cooperative, resourceful and resilient.
  • Call for participants to develop strategies using their collective talents
  • Prove how effective people can be with emotional competence
  • Help people to better use their basic life skills, abilities and qualities
  • Encourage people to practice developing skills and abilities until they become second nature
  • Help build a more stable foundation on which people can thrive.

People coming together to enjoy fun experiences always attracts media attention. So publicity will be low cost and word of mouth will work exceptionally well once participants realise the value in the experience. So the project can begin anywhere with just small steps, even with just a few participants and learn and grow as you go.

Events in the challenge will include:

  1. Creative expressions – create a work of art. a play or a creative short movie. A smart presentation to stimulate the imagination!
  2. Self-expression – debate a pre-advised subject. Smart teams will find creative and peaceful ways to articulate their position.
  3. Problem solving – a range of challenges that will require the mastering of a range of practical internal skills and abilities.
  4. Lateral thinking – negotiate through a large mental obstacle course
  5. Community service – engage in an activity with long-term benefit.
  6. Environmental – invent a common sense solution to a modern problem.

The Process:

From the beginning teams will be encouraged to work together and consciously create an environment of trust and respect through the good times and the not so good times. Successful teams will nurture each other’s special qualities and honour the basic rules to ensure everyone feels safe all the time.

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