Training Programs – GhoGhet

Personal Training

Once we know and understand ourselves and what our true potential is, then we are ready to confidently face any life challenge. Until then we survive in any way we can.

When we add Wisdom to the Knowledge we gain in life, it's like all the missing pieces fall into place. Then it's easier to find meaning and purpose in life!


Team Training

Look at the image! These people are motivated, but they are not a Ghoghet team!

They don’t have the collective wisdom to bring the puzzle together. Trust, mutual respect and safety are the keys and until each person understand what makes them tick inside, they will struggle to make things work smoothly and efficiently


Ghoghet is not just about doing it, it’s about knowing how to create safe classrooms, homes and communities.

How can any group of people live in a safe and cohesive way? If we can solve that, we can transform the world into a remarkably safe place for everyone to enjoy the adventure of life. When we play Ghoghet, we not only get a sense of how things could be, we actually experience the difference it makes when people feel safe to explore who they are and what they can do.

The Ghoghet Community Project simply aims to begin with bringing small groups together to help them all better understand what makes them tick inside and how our inner intelligence works to help us in daily living.

The essence of the Community project can be applied to any school, workplace, retirement village, religious group, scout or sporting group.