Personal GhoGhet Training

Essential, empowering and fun learning for all ages!

Leading scientists tell us how our brains are highly efficient biological machines. GhoGhet shows us that once we become conscious of our internal abilities, our entire body has a remarkable intelligence and these programs an opportunity to learn how it works.

Our Program uses common sense and fun experience to show you how to practically and intelligently use your inner abilities to discover who you really are and what your true purpose is. Be advised though; you are not going to finish our program on a super high and you probably won’t rush out and make drastic changes to your life, at least not immediately.

You will be leaving with a quiet confidence and an awareness that encourages humility and a peaceful nature. Your ability to focus and understand what you are feeling and appropriately use that information will be significantly enhanced. Over the next few weeks, you will be learning to use and trust your newly discovered inner abilities. Then, with calmness and purpose, you will most likely begin in a practical way making the changes to your life that will make you happier.

If only people knew how much better they could do in life, simply by mastering basic life skills!

The learning process is: everyone agrees to honor the rules, so a very safe space is established. Then they playfully begin to master each skill quickly, which leads to emotional intelligence, which leads wisdom and facing all life’s challenges intelligently and with common sense. People:

  1. Become calm, happy, resilient and develop peaceful natures.
  2. Develop an enhanced ability to cope, learn and grow quickly.
  3. Become aware that ‘Ego’ can either destroy us or lift us up!
  4. Learn how to listen to their whole body = less anxiety and greater confidence.
  5. Develop the skills and ability to enjoy good mental health.

Listen to Keith and Jeremy talking about the program.


Step one program: Discover the basics! 

You will be shown how to:

  • Develop the skills and abilities that can lead to good mental health with emotional intelligence.
  • Create and maintain the foundation for this learning at home, school or work.
  • Make a positive can-do attitude and proactive mindset, second nature
  • Access and use your emotional intelligence

This introduction to yourself is in three parts. Cost is $240


Step two: Master the basics! 

Learning to use your will, manage your ego, create clear intent and GhoGhet it!

The challenge is to allow yourself to absorb or ingest information and develop new skills with remarkable speed efficiency.

At this program you will:

  • Learn that some of what we are taught is the opposite of what we need to know
  • Learn how to truly listen to and trust yourself and your profound inner intelligence
  • Learn how to replace limiting beliefs and free yourself from limiting patterns
  • Develop an ability to master any skill or learn a subject quickly

Four part or weekend retreat. Cost $300 plus food and accommodation.


Step three: Bring all the pieces together!

Even well-educated people often become bumbling idiots in emotionally charged moments, simply because they have not learned how to effectively use their inner intelligence.

From this program, you can develop an ability to:

  • In essence: switch the brain off and turn the mind on
  • Program yourself to master any challenge or skill you wish to
  • See and listen with your whole body and trust your inner voice
  • Be part of the solution as a catalyst for new patterns, beliefs, and mindsets
  • Share your experience to help others benefit from the GhoGhet Training Process.

A three-day training retreat with follow up.




How to use GhoGhet as an Educational Tool:

Just having simple, safe and fun times as we guide you through all thirty-two activities and show you the short cuts to quickly creating a safe and cohesive learning environment where people of all ages can thrive.

The objective is to put parents and teachers on the same page with life skills education, which will provide consistency in their personal development. Teachers and Parents can learn with the children and they will love you learning together.

Three parts (two and a half hours) Cost: $100.00



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