Personal Gho-Ghet Training

An empowering learning process for all ages!

If you think about it, the human body really is a remarkable biological machine. If it is finely tuned and the operator knows how to use it, then the sky is the limit. That person would never say “oh I can’t do that” simply because if they didn’t know how to, they would have enough faith in their ability life challenge.

With a remarkable consistency, people who fully develop life skills and emotional intelligence always seem to have a peaceful personalities. So, with an awareness of our internal skills, we can program ourselves to remain calmly focused and alert whenever we are challenged. Some call this self regulation.

Most people live with a limited mindset even if it appears they are doing well in life. If only everyone knew how much better they could do simply by learning basic life skills.

Even at a basic level, life skills, self regulation and emotional intelligence lead to:

  1. Calm, happy, resilient and comfortable people.
  2. An enhanced ability to cope, learn and grow with life’s ups and downs.
  3. Personal confidence in our ability to learn, grow and prosper.
  4. A proven higher degree of success in life.
  5. Enjoying good mental health.

Our simple and fun training progra effective way to exercise and learn to better use the inteligence that is in our whole body. Just listen to Keith and Jeremy talking about the program.

The first program: learn the basics; 

You will be shown how to:

  • Develop the skills and abilities that can lead to good mental health with emotional intelligence.
  • Create and maintain the foundation for this learning at home, school or work.
  • A positive can-do attitude and proactive mindset can easily become second nature
  • How and why EQ and common sense significantly enhances our IQ and out learned skills
Four by three hour sessions – Cost: $240.


Step two: Master the basics! 

Taking your mental and emotional fitness training to a new level. More subtle, refined and meaningful.

You will absorb or ingest information and develop new skills with the remarkable efficiency.

At this program you will:

  • Come to understand how the simple EQ learning process can work for anyone
  • Learn how to truly listen to and trust yourself
  • Come to understand how your beliefs can either free, or limit you in daily life
  • Know how to master any skill or learn a subject quickly
Four part or weekend retreat. Cost $300 plus food and accommodation.


Step three: Fully using your intelligence:

It has often been said that “if we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem”.  People who do not understand their internal intelligence can only be using a portion of their potential. Even well educated at school people often become bumbling idiots in emotionally charged moments, simply because they have not learned about their inner intelligence.

When developing basic internal life skills, we find ourselves being less anxious, more centred, less emotionally dependant on others, greater clarity of though and not being negative on ourselves or others.

From this program you can develop an ability to:

  • Knowingly use your inner intelligence to excel in whatever you choose to
  • Listen to and trust your inner voice
  • Be part of the solution and a catalyst for new patterns, beliefs and mindsets
  • Share you experience to help others benefit from the Gho-Ghet Training Process.
A three day training retreat.




How to use Gho-Ghet as a teaching tool:

At this fun training program, we will guide you through all thirty two activities and show you the short cuts to quickly creating a safe and cohesive environment, which becomes the foundation on which highly productive environments can thrive.

If parents and teachers are on the same page with life skills education and developing emotional intelligence, children can begin to experience consistency in their personal development. As teachers and parents learn with the children, the influence they have will be significantly enhanced as there will be From this will come less anxiety, greater absorbance of infromation, positive mindsets and peaceful personalities.

Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings (two hours) Cost: $100.00



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