GhGhet Team Training Programs

Everyone wants to live, learn work or play is a safe, fun and productive place. People can thrive individually and as a group in this environment and when we know how to maintain it, great things can happen.

GhoGhet can help any group to create and maintain a safe and trusting environment that maximizes and retains the potential of their collective skills and abilities.

Most people know little about teaching or learning emotional intelligence, so we generally have an idea but don’t really know how to establish and maintain the foundation for a healthy work culture. So it is common for issues such as bullying, trust, politics, greed, ego, complacency or feeling unsafe or insecure. Even if it’s subtle and under the radar, it’s still disruptive.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to reducing or almost eliminating these issues. It can be effective because once we understand what EQ is and how it works, we can then make informed choices and stop these disruptive influences, especially as people become more responsible.

In Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, Hungary

Even one issue can affect how everyone feels and can be very difficult to address as it occurs. So it makes sense for management, coaches or teachers to be proactive and introduce EQ training. It’s simple, fun and effective.

The added bonus is: that the same skills that reduce the incidence of dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors, increase our capacity to perform at our very best, both individually and collectively.

GhoGhet Training Programs include:

  • A ninety-minute introduction. Introduce powerful strategies through fun experiences to help people function calmly and efficiently. It’s an excellent Ice Breaker offering something to build on!
  • A half day or three Mini Training Program. For individuals of groups (negotiable). Participants experience the benefits of EQ Training and with practice what they learn can become second nature.
  • Full day or four part Training Program: By the end of the day, everyone will be aware of their internal skills and abilities and will mindfully use them to perform calmly and efficiently.
  • Two Day Training Camp or six part program: Go beyond the basics into the exciting and rewarding world of instinctive and intuitive action. Use your EQ to enhance your professional abilities and your IQ. 

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