For family and School

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Our primary objective is to present a cooperative and practical way to establish consistency in life skills education between what happens in the family home and the classroom. To put teachers and parents on the same page.

The more we play GhoGhet and practice, the more proficient we become in a whole range of inner skills and abilities. As skills develop, players begin to discover a new intuitive and intelligent way to play or live. Progress at home or in class can be monitored when a sense of quiet cooperation and everyone getting on better with an inclination to apply themselves responsibly. When this happens in the family home and in the classroom, “everyone wins”:

  • The child or the student would be learning much about what their capacity is and will be enjoying a new sense of responsibility and purpose with a better idea what they want to do with their lives.
  • Parents may begin making more meaningful and loving relationships with their children in an environment that nurture respect and peaceful personalities. Not only do parents have an opportunity to discover new ways to interact and guide their children, they can learn and emotionally grow with them. For any parent, these can be like golden moments and for the child it can be a great mental relief to meaningfully and lovingly connect with their parents. If the trust remains, the connection will probably be there for life.  There is much to gain from your family agreeing to stick to the rules and the handy hints even when not playing. This will enable the safe environment to remain and common decency and common sense will prevail.
  • The Teacher may have considerably more in job satisfaction reduced stress and a strong sense of making a real difference in the lives of so many people. We understand that it may appear daunting to allow play in the class and the potential for it to get out of hand. It will take a few weeks for behaviors and attitudes to adjust, so just be patient. It won’t take long before you become the facilitator of the classroom learning environment as students begin to adopt responsibility for their own behavior and education and disruptive incidences become almost non-existent. Students will be absorbing information and developing skills with remarkable ease. It takes around seven weeks of play just one hour a week with a trained teacher and sticking to the rules and the hints even when not playing Ghoghet. Students will love the play so much, they will adjust to playing fair and acting civil initially because they will want the play to continue.

“We are playing with Ghoghet very often, both my girls, my parents and the in-laws participate! They all find it great and we play for many hours each time”. Terje, Norway.

Once a family, a class of students or any group begin sharing the Ghoghet experience in a calm and relaxed manner,  they quickly begin to appreciate how profound, inspiring and helpful this play can be. It is to some a relief to discover new and effective ways to deal with what can be stressful situations and how simple skills and abilities can lead to emotional maturity and good mental health.

My friends and our children all had a lot of fun together with Ghoghet. We wanted to keep playing more and more. The system helped everyone come together in a safe environment and people cared for one another, said and did things that amazed us all. Great game!!” Thanks. Rob Versaci