GhoGhet proves we have the grit to do what it takes!

To understand feelings and intuition – Play GhoGhet!


Typical feedback from participants:

  • “I just felt someone was there and when I looked, there was!”
  • “After playing for just a short while, I began to feel a quiet sense of calmness and as I relaxed and practiced, my skills developed and I felt more confident with every challenge.”
  • “Once I feel safe and like I can trust, I become more open to listen, learn and have a go!”
  • “When I feel relaxed and motivated to learn more, I am confident I can master all the challenges. Although I’m finding the more I learn, the more I realize what there is to learn!”
  • “At first I felt a little overwhelmed, but once I realized there was nothing to fear, the challenges became less daunting. I know how to master almost anything now!”
  • “feel like I’m much more control when first I understand what I need to do, and then I have confidence in my ability to do it.”
  • “When I try and remember a subject or a skill, I struggle, However, if I can make it second nature to attach a feeling to what I learn, then I can recall information through that feeling and it feels much easier and considerably more effective.”
  • Intuition is feelings, it is in our body and sometimes the intelligence can be profoundly positive.
  • Our greatest challenge with GhoGhet and to some extent life is to learn how to listen to and trust our feelings and intuition, because in many ways this helps us to feel happy and in control
  • Our body clock works with feelings
  • In mental and emotional fitness training, all of these feelings begin to blend and work with each other. Once we begin to understand, we find calmness, balance and a sense of purpose.
  • When health professionals believe a person has a mental health issue, that person can be marked for life and that is unfair.There is an issue and GhoGhet training can show that in most cases the issue is a lack of understanding of feelings which can now easily be fixed.

Even if we just develop an ability to remain relaxed when challenged, to not be attached to the outcome, to not be concerned about making a mistake and to learn to be present with a challenge, we feel a lot better about ourselves and our potential.

“There is a call within – we hear it when we are quite young. Then we forget. We get ‘involved’ – we get occupied and pre-occupied, we start on that path to success, encouraged at every turn by well-meaning adults who seem to us to have ‘the answers’ the knowledge and the wisdom we so desire. We may progress along this path – we may even “succeed” – but more often than not, we arrive at the destination only to ask, “and tell me please, whose path was I on?” The sense of lack, of un-fulfillment, of greater longing, comes screaming at us in no uncertain terms. How to access the forgotten call?

What I have sensed in the GhoGhet ‘experience’ is a way for remembering, for rediscovering the call …a way of dispelling the layers of noise and obfuscation too often interfering with an inner voice, that voice which leads us to a path of self-discovery. Much like the human body inherently, without our conscious instruction, knows how to heal and maintain itself given the proper environment, this game seems somehow to have embedded in it essential and hidden keys which unlock access to our own natural wisdom and higher selves.

I cannot say I understand the mechanics of it – but I can say I have witnessed it – in myself and in others as the game was played. Perhaps it is the ‘safe’environment, perhaps it is the laughter, perhaps it is the sincere qualities of the participants that quickly emerge, perhaps it is the combination of these things – or perhaps there is something else. In any case, there is a sense of lightness and joy which ensues.Lesha Martin, Alabama USA

“I really loved the second day of the training. By the afternoon everyone was so synchronized. When playing farmer, pig, wolf, the two teams kept doing the same character at the same time eg. two wolves. I really got it that we were picking up each other’s thoughts effortlessly.

Another great experience has been in the blindfold games. It was amazing to be able to ‘get it’ that my body knew exactly where the people and the walls were, so I could move around easily and catch people. It was just a matter of having my senses alight and relaxing and trusting.” Rebecca, Perth Australia

“I am a teacher and was creating a program for children, ‘Innovative Kids … Developing Intuition and Raising Intelligence’. For two days, nine of us, aged from 13 to 85 years played at the GhoGhet Training, 32 activities of self-discovery, filled with joy and laughter. We had a ball! I was blown away by the caliber of these games, so simple and such fun, but profound in what they revealed in us all – a hidden intelligence, heart-based thinking and feeling skills, intuitive abilities reawakened and a new sense of self-belief.

Intuition is heightening now. It’s one of the things that is going to be talked about more and more. Practical intuition – intuition that’s not just about intuiting ‘the future’, it’s about intuiting ‘the now’.”  Gail, Melbourne Australia