Develop a Proactive Mindset!

GhoGhet will get you going!

At some level we all use essential life skills and emotional intelligence (EQ), although it’s rare to find a person who knowingly uses it. In the process of playing Ghoghet, people of all ages can easily develop life skills and EQ.

According to UNICEF, “Life skills” are:

Defined as psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They are loosely grouped into three broad categories of skills: cognitive skills for analyzing and using information, personal skills for developing personal agency and managing oneself, and inter-personal skills for communicating and interacting effectively with others.

Complex learning made simple, safe and fun:

When using ghoghet, spin for a person to be “It”, who has the say in the next activity. Spin again to select the next activity and when that challenge is over, spin for a new person to be “It”and a new activity. All you need do is agree to stick to the rules and what at fIrst seem like simple activities quickly transform into often profound learning opportunities.

This is a simple, fun and effective way for people to connect and meaningfully learn together. It can be an effective tool to help anyone to better understand how their internal skills and abilities work.

How we naturally learn:

We are instinctively aware of life skills and yet, without opportunities to learn how to fully use them, they remain only partially used. We can go through life struggling to cope with emotional ups and downs.

In a young child, inner learning happens in two ways:

  1. They absorb and mimick beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and mindsets.
  2. We learn experientially, mostly through a playful trial and error process.

Many adults have not developed the ability to cope and calmly respond to situations, especially in emotionally charged moments, so children copy this mindset. This most often results in cycles of dysfunction behaviours and actions until we find a way to break the cycles.