Gho-Ghet in Class and at Home?

Maslows Hierachy

Gho-Ghet is as far as we know the worlds first do it yourself mental and emotional fitness training kit. It uses common sense and meaningful activities in a safe and vibrant atmosphere to show us a way to easily develop emotional intelligence. As people practice to master the challenges and use the skills in every day life, EQ naturally develops as does an ability to function calmly and efficiently.

Gho-Ghet gives teachers and parents a practical opportunity to help children and youth to master basic skills and abilities that lead to emotional intelligence. The mix of fun and purpose maintains the active participation of participants and it provides opportunities to correct behaviours and empower people. Then just agree to maintain the governing rules of Gho-Ghet, even when you aren’t having the experience.

Further to this, once Gho-Ghet becomes accepted in a classroom, children indicate an interest in wanting to take the playful experiences home to play with the family. It could even become ‘homework with a difference’.  The benefits then have the potential to ripple out to the greater community.

It also provides a meaningful opportunity for parents and teachers to get on the same page with life skills and emotional intelligence education. This could provide a real opportunity for consistency in what we believe to be a crucial, but sadly lacking component of a persons early education.

Everyone benefits when young and old develop EQ as a cohesion amongst people improves as does productivity and a sense of community responsibility and peace. In the classroom,  students will begin to accept responsibility for their own education and the teacher can becomes the facilitator of the learning process. Productivity gains more than make up for the one hour per week engaging with Gho-Ghet.


As participants learn to master each challenge, they will begin to discover more subtle skills and abilities that will help them to cope with and effectively deal with every day challenges.  Here’s an example of how the Gho-Ghet process works with each activity. Get a few people together and try Chalk & Cheese:

Chalk and cheese wallett

Just select and six random items in your pocket or within handy reach.  Get the ball rolling by selecting two of the items and name one “the cheese” and the other “the chalk”.  As you pass the chalk to the person on your left say “here’s the chalk”,  that person replies “the what’ and you say the “the chalk”. That person repeats the process with the next person and so on.  Once everyone gets the idea, send the cheese in the opposite direction and watch what happens when the items cross over.  When players adjust to the play and the items move smoothly around, gradually add more, but don’t be calling them what they are, because the items themselves have no emotional value.

When there’s six or eight items moving around (half moving in opposite directions), it normally doesn’t take long for things to begin clogging up and everyone’s laughing. This is all good for a laugh, but who’s won and who’s left feeling embarrassed because they were stuck at times? In nearly all games today there are winners and there are losers, so how do we play in a way that everyone feels like they are winning?

We all learn at different paces and we all make mistakes as we learn. We have found that letting go of the fear of failure, or the need to succeed in a playful environment opens the door to our amazing inner intelligence. So encourage players to not worry about making a mistake and just keep going. After a while everyone adjusts to the challenge and things begin moving smoothly. now everyone is feeling like a winner!

The purpose of the Chalk and Cheese Challenge is to learn to take one challenge at a time and put our attention to it with NO emotional value.  When we practice, we can develop our ability to take any life challenge and freely deal with it and then pass it on. This means we process things more clearly, we don’t hold the stress and we get things done efficiently. In this simple activity alone, we can practice developing a  can-do attitude until it becomes second nature. A fear of inadequacy seems to almost disappears in this playful learning system and we become calmer and more efficiently deal with challenges.

Not only can we condition our minds to do almost anything with incredible effectiveness, we can also condition any home, school, work or even sporting environment to be what we want it to be. No more hoping for a good environment, we can create one!

Gho-Ghet offers meaningful exercise for the whole person: mind, body and brain.

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