How we naturally learn!

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Technically, we are biological machines with infinate potential that is only limited by what we learn and our beliefs. Even many of our parts can be replaced and we can be programmed to act in a certain way. This is why we are all products of our environment, at least until we develop the awareness to knowingly program what we believe and how we think, feel, speak and act.

An example is: we can program ourselves to automatically remain calm and focused when put under pressure. This leads to greater efficincy and much less frustration and stress and it enhances what we believe about our potential. This is just one internal ability!

How we learn

We normally don’t need to teach a child to walk, although we can guide them to walk with good posture.  Children also naturally learn to talk and we can help them develop their vocabularly and to speak well.

A child develops life skills in a slightly different way. In our formative years, most of our inner learning happens in two ways:

  1. We absorb everything from the environment in which we live. As children, we mimick beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and mindsets.
  2. We learn experientially, mostly through a playful trial and error process.

No matter our age, using Ghoghet can help any person to reconnect to the natural way we learn about ourselves. It presents a variety of opportunities for players to hone old skills and discover new ones. Every person is naturally gifted with a large range of internal skills and abilities, although most people are only partisally learning how to use them and this is why we use only a portion of our potential.

When we use only a portion of our potential, we will not understand the purpose of all our feelings or emotions and we will be most likley controilled by our impulse reactions. When we do not know ourselves and our abilities: learning difficulties, behaviour problems, dysfunctional relationships and a strong inclination to adopt a dependancy on substances just to feel good follow. In our formative years. we naturally learn quickly, although with Ghoghet, we can revisit this mindset and again learn quickly no matter what our age is.

Very few people are given the opportunity to knowingly develop these skill and we believe this is the root cause of most dysfunction behaviours and actions all over the world.

Any parent can become a good example (and it’s never too late). Just have fun GhoGhet and follow the protocol. It happens simply and easily!