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Your Natural Intelligence

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GhoGhet has smart games that motivate people to find fun and smart ways to work together solving problems and facing challenges. It's food for the soul that can satisfy and calm everyone!

All of the 32 randomly chosen smart games help people to fully develop their basic internal skills and abilities. They 'experience' how their amazing whole person intelligence works!

Everyone wins, especially when we playfully practice to master each challenge. Players get to know and trust themselves and each other.

Parents and teachers have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Just watch how negative attitudes and dysfunctional behaviours simply fade away and smart, caring people with peaceful personalities emerge!



FOR A BETTER WORLD: It's almost magical how quickly and easily people can transform from unsafe and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour to becoming peaceful and capable of making highly intelligent choices. GhoGhet is a new way to break old cycles and create new foundations for everyone, from young children to world leaders.

OUR MISSION: to use GhoGhet to introduce all people to their whole person intelligence so that they can know and trust themselves. Then we can together make the world a safer and smarter place.

OUR PLAN is to work with families, schools and businesses that recognise the importance of creating a smart and peaceful culture. Our Goal is for every person to 'experience' how great it feels and how empowering it can be to use our 'whole person intelligence'.

To better understand how GhoGhet works:

Experience this simplistic and profoundly beneficial process!

Know your potential - more

Simply learning how to become our own master! 

Once we feel safe to engage, then it's simply fun learning!

Here’s how people change

This is a new and fun way to educate people of all ages! 

It has no religious or cultural bias, just a focus on being the best we can be!

Find out how


Contary to popular belief, did you know that we are always using 100% of our whole person potential and yet most people know just a little about themsleves and how smart they are? For example, our intuition is always there to guide us, however, we are not learning how to listen to, understand and trust the signals from our body. We have within us many remarkable abilities!

These two videos will give you an idea what we are capable of. Behaviours, mindsets, attitudes, relations and beliefs will be transformed when players discover their remarkable 'whole person' intelligence.

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GhoGhet Programs

Mind and Heart Education is a simple and fun transformational learning process. Learn to;

  • Create a safe space to awaken basic abilities
  • Master abilities and whole person intelligence
  • Tap into our potential with higher abilities
  • To rise above our conditioned limitiations

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"Absolutely amazing and like nothing I have experienced. GhoGhet has allowed me to tune into my natural abilities and trust that I can just ‘do’, guided by the heart with confidence.”
Rating: 5 stars
Annette, W.A
"What amazes me is how the four of us in the Department of Botany are all getting out of the GhoGhet Program just what we need, even though we are vastly different characters. Incredible!”
Rating: 5 stars
PhD student, UWA
“Playing with my class has been amazing and I feel the results will improve if we continue to play. I now have total faith and feel any class who plays GhoGhet will benefit”
Rating: 5 stars
Emma Guy
Kewdale Primary School.
"Absolutely one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in terms of self-understanding, development and fulfilment. I have rediscovered skills I had forgotten I had.”
Rating: 5 stars
D. Copper Phd
Perth, W.A.

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