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A smart person rarely sweats the small stuff because they are mostly calm, capable and socially and emotionally mature. They have peaceful natures and responsibly get things done, living with integrity and strength of character.  GhoGhet helps people of all ages to develop the mindset of a 'smart person'.

GhoGhet is a fun, 'experiential learning tool' with 32 smart games that introduce people to their Whole Person Intelligence. It's a safe and engaging process to master using a range of internal skills and abilities. 

 "In my opinion, Len has come up with a new way of teaching not just children but everyone a sense of connection and fun that absolutely should make its way into our education curriculum". Scot, West Aust.

It's simply about people coming together to get to know themselves and each other. Use GhoGhet wisely and you will see a transformation in behaviours, attitude, and performance.



FOR A BETTER WORLD: It is remarkable how quickly a person or group can transform into peace-loving, highly intelligent and responsible people once they learn how to truly know and trust themselves. From young children to world leaders, this simple learning process helps to break old cycles so new foundations can be formed.

OUR MISSION: Is to create 'smart' families, schools and communities by proving to each and every person how easily they can become highly intelligent, peaceful, responsible, intuitive and fun loving .

OUR PLAN: Is to recruit and train people to introduce the GhoGhet learning process to schools, families and communities (see testimonials).

GhoGhet is proudly designed in Australia.

It makes a lasting difference whenever it is played safely and regularly!

How it makes a difference

If everyone develops social and emotional maturity,  

The world becomes a safer and better place as people learn to make smart choices!

Here’s how it works:

A new way to educate people young and old! 

Helping people learn how to consciously use their internal skills and abilities!

Whole person intelligence


Did you know that we are always using 100% of our potential and yet very few people are aware of it? For example, our intuition is designed to guide us and until we learn how to listen to, understand and trust the information provided by our body, most of the impulses confuse and frustrate us!

These videos will give you just an idea of the many amazing skills and abilities that we all naturally have. The thing is: we need to learn how to use them, otherwise our existence is quite primitive, despite our technical advances.

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GhoGhet Programs

Each program is simply stimulating, great fun, relaxing and life-changing. From developing basic life skills to using your whole person intelligence to make smart and informed choices in daily life. You will experience abilities that you probably are not aware you have. We will show you how:

  • All people have intuition, we just learn to use it!
  • We need to exercise our cognitive abilities and be aware our body has senses everywhere.
  • Social and emotional maturity can transform what we feel and believe.
  • Our conditioned mindsets tend to limit, when they can free us.

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Our family spent a few hours learning and playing the games with Len last week. As with most families today our kids at 8, 10, and 11 are drawn to the hyper- stimulating latest computer games and although we limit their time playing, the reality is that for a few hours a week, they are engaged in this realm. One of the most interesting observations was that after playing on their devices they are often agitated and prone to fighting and generally being slightly disconnected. After playing the Ghoghet games, not just the kids with each other, but the whole family was laughing, kind to each other, and really connected. The games are intriguingly simple yet extremely engaging and the time playing just seemed to disappear. The next day the kids couldn’t stop talking about the experience and they are pushing us to have them introduced into their classrooms. In my opinion, Len has come up with a new way of teaching not just children but everyone a sense of connection and fun that absolutely should make its way into our education curriculum. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve the sense of connection with their family to take the time to learn and play the games at home, with friends and at school.
Rating: 5 stars
Scot and Carmen-ni, Western Australia
"Absolutely amazing and like nothing I have experienced. GhoGhet has allowed me to tune into my natural abilities and trust that I can just ‘do’, guided by the heart with confidence.”
Rating: 5 stars
Annette, W.A
"What amazes me is how the four of us in the Department of Botany are all getting out of the GhoGhet Program just what we need, even though we are vastly different characters. Incredible!”
Rating: 5 stars
PhD student, UWA
“Playing with my class has been amazing and I feel the results will improve if we continue to play. I now have total faith and feel any class who plays GhoGhet will benefit”
Rating: 5 stars
Emma Guy
Kewdale Primary School.
"Absolutely one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in terms of self-understanding, development and fulfilment. I have rediscovered skills I had forgotten I had.”
Rating: 5 stars
D. Copper Phd
Perth, W.A.

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