Fun ways to build confidence!

“On one level I think the Ghoghet experience can give, or enable people to develop a ‘quiet assurance’. It is an understated feeling of confidence and strength, something steady and reliable. An almost innate sense of ‘I can manage this’ without thinking too much about it. The activities also help to illustrate how intuition can be powerful if we learn how to follow it.” Julianne, Psychologist.

Skills for the 21st Century!

Ghoghet is meaningful play to develop critical thinking (calmly asses and solve), creativity (let your mind wander and explore), elasticity (mind and body flexible), innovation (out of the box thinking), team work (tame the ego) and communication (listen with not just ears). Players develop previously difficult to learn skills and abilities with remarkable ease. Personal and group development becomes an adventure!

Ghoghet Training Programmes

The process to develop internal abilities is the same as mastering any skill.

When we combine our natural inclination to learn quickly in play with a range of meaningful learning experiences, self and group discovery becomes a fun adventure. The process is having a profound influence on attitudes, beliefs, behaviour patterns, relationships and mental well-being.

Ghoghet Training: "Absolutely one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in terms of self-understanding, development and fulfilment. I have rediscovered skills I had forgotten I had.” D. Copper Phd. Perth, W.A.

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If we want better relationships, we can Ghoghet them!