GhoGhet introduces a simple and fun learning process that raises self-awareness and empowers people to confidently and responsibly think for and understand themselves. Then they can be at their best!

GhoGhet is a DIY self-awareness program that brings people together to learn a new way to know, trust and love self and each other!

32 fun experiences help us to better use our senses, brain and feelings and in the process, we learn about our natural inner strength and wisdom!


The challenge is to make kindness, empathy and smart choices normal!

By helping people develop social and emotional maturity and a peaceful nature!

Enjoy good mental and emotional health.

By learning to understand and intelligently use feelings and emotions!

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence:

Especially when a 'gut feeling' is supported with practical and logical thinking!

GhoGhet the Smart You!

Parents and teachers now have a complete internal skills training package!

For all ages, each fun challenge helps develop specific skills and abilities.

Easily learn to cope and connect with meaning!

This is just part of a remarkable learning process that comes with practice!

GhoGhet feels like it’s just playing fun games.

It's also the safest, fastest and most enjoyable way ever to learn about self.

With a little science and lots of common sense, we also learn how to:


Be mindful that we are what we believe we are

Be responsible with how we influence others

Practice to exercise and master cognitive abilities

Create a culture of mental and emotional wellness 

Connect what we feel with what we know

OUR PURPOSE: With fun experience,  GhoGhet helps people to understand why every person has a highly intelligent body and a supercomputer brain and yet we only use a portion of our potential. In hundreds of trials, we have witnessed how remarkably confident, calm, focused and capable people become once they know how to use their whole person intelligence.

SO OUR MISSION is to make it easy for people everywhere to understand what they are capable of once they learn to know, trust and love themselves by providing a "Do it Yourself", Self-Awareness Program that is easy and fun to use.

OUR GOAL is to inspire the development of smart and peaceful communities by introducing GhoGhet to families and schools. 

Not a bandaid soution, it’s about lasting change!

The skills and abilities players can develop will be kept for life!

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The challenge is to learn how to master each game! 

Once people engage in the process, then it's just fun learning!

Here’s how people change

Impulses motivate what we think, feel, say and do! 

Learn to self-regulate so we respond to feelings and emotions calmly.

Find out how


Understanding our wisdom gives us an enhanced ability to function simply because we are learning to better use our whole body intelligence. In the process of people learning how to master each of the GhoGhet challenges, they will learn how to use their cognitive and non-cognitive abilities to function calmly and efficiently in any life challenge. With practice, it becomes second nature.

Our potential is so remarkable that we can have whatever we want in life as long as we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to go-get-it. GhoGhet helps a person or a group to develop the right mindset with the foundation abilities to go for it!.

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GhoGhet Programs

Mind and Heart Education is a simple and fun transformational learning process. Learn to;

  • Create a safe space to awaken basic abilities
  • Master abilities and whole person intelligence
  • Tap into our potential with higher abilities
  • To rise above our conditioned limitiations

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"Absolutely amazing and like nothing I have experienced. It has allowed me to tune into my natural abilities and trust that I can just ‘do’, guided by the heart with confidence.”
Rating: 5 stars
Annette, W.A
"What amazes me is how the four of us in the Department of Botany are all getting out of it just what we need, even though we are vastly different characters. Incredible!”
Rating: 5 stars
PhD student, UWA
“Playing with my class has been amazing and I feel the results will improve if we continue to play. I now have total faith and feel any class who plays it will benefit”
Rating: 5 stars
Emma Guy
Kewdale Primary School.
"Absolutely one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in terms of self-understanding, development and fulfilment. I have rediscovered skills I had forgotten I had.”
Rating: 5 stars
D. Copper Phd
Perth, W.A.

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